Sachin Pilot aims to end Rajasthan’s 5-Year Government Change


Former Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, who recently has been inducted into the Congress Working Committee, said that the desert state will break its polling tradition of changing its government every five years.
In his constituency in Rajasthan, the Tonk MLA said, “We will break the tradition of changing the government in Rajasthan after every five years, and the Congress government is going to be formed here.”
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress have been forming the government in Rajasthan in alternate terms every election since 1993. The two parties have been voting out each other in every poll since then.
Taking a dig at the BJP, Sachin Pilot said that in recent times, central BJP leaders have been visiting Rajasthan frequently, hoping to “wake up” the BJP organisation in Rajasthan but to no avail.
The former Deputy Chief Minister said, “BJP leaders from the Center are coming to Rajasthan again and again, trying to wake up the Rajasthan BJP organization, but they are not being able to do so. The BJP has failed in the government at the Centre and has failed as the opposition in Rajasthan.”
Thanking the top leadership in his party for being newly inducted into the Congress Working Committee, Sachin Pilot said, “I humbly accept the responsibility Congress National president Kharge, Sonia Gandhi ji, Rahul Gandhi ji has given me in the working committee. All of us will work together. People have hope from Congress today.” Sachin Pilot said that Congress will work together against the politics of “hatred” being practised by the BJP.
“Rahul Gandhi had travelled throughout India trying to connect with people. We will all work together against the way BJP practices the politics of hatred,” the Tonk MLA said.
Rajasthan will go to polls towards the end of this year, along with Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The BJP and the Congress are in direct contest with each other in these three crucial state assembly polls, which will serve as a litmus test for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections next year.