Saamana’s latest editorial targets Centre over Agniveer scheme


Saamana, the editorial of the Shiv Sena (Uddhav Thackeray faction) on Monday took a dig at the Central government’s ‘Agniveer’ scheme while mentioning the example of Israel.
In its latest editorial, Saamana said that just like Israeli citizens have to serve for some time in the military, on the same lines, PM Modi started the ‘Agniveer’ scheme for soldiers on contract.
“Military education and military service are necessary for Israeli citizens. The women there have to serve in the army for 22 months and the men generally have to serve in the army for five years. This army is like a gust of wind. After two to five years, these soldiers again have to find another job. On the same lines, PM Modi started the ‘Agniveer’ scheme of providing soldiers on contract.
Wear a military uniform on your body for two to five years and then become unemployed and keep frying ‘pakodas’ on the road,” the Saamana said.
It further stated that Israel, being a strong country has not been successful in finishing the war. It shows its failure.
“Israel-Hamas war still going on after 15 days. A country as strong from the security point of view as Israel has not been successful in ending the war with Hamas even after fifteen days. This is its failure. Israel is a military nation. Much is said about Israel’s security credentials and its advanced technology in the region, but a war cannot be won on the basis of technology and science alone. Israel’s three-and-a-half lakh army is standing on the border of Gaza, but the mentality of fighting on the ground is not visible in Israel,” Saamana stated.
“The Jews have achieved Israel by fighting. With their hard work and sacrifice, they made it progressive and modern. But for its survival, one religion attacked the other and pushed it back. This sparked the flame of war. This ‘flame’ has been burning since the establishment of Israel. That’s why despite getting a country, Jews do not have mental peace,” it added.
The Saamana further said that countries that believe in democracy should learn a lesson from the Hamas-Israel war.
“Even today, Israel insists only on air strikes. He killed thousands of Palestinians by attacking hospitals and civilian settlements in the Gaza Strip. Countries that believe in democracy should learn a lesson from the Hamas-Israel war. No matter how strong a wall is built on the country’s border with technology and science, it is still not impenetrable and invincible. Hamas does not have any technology, yet in the morning, Hamas people crossed the wall and entered the Israeli border and attacked 12 places. The illusion that Israel was a country conscious of its security was broken here,” the Saamana said.