Russia-Ukraine war going nowhere; only claim, counter claim prevail


This week remained equally happening like last week. The circuit of global affairs witnessed significant developments, changes and issues impacting overall world politics.

Russia Accuses Ukraine of ploting to kill Putin
It has been more than a year since Russia and Ukraine started a war where entire West (read: NATO led by the US) is involved. More than a war between Putin and Zelenskyy, this war seems to be going on between the NATO led by the US and Putin. So far, the battleground remained only the soil of Ukraine, but this week, the war escalated as Moscow accused Ukraine of attacking the Kremlin with two drones to assassinate Putin. Russian officials also revealed that the military forces incapacitated the drones before they could strike. Putin is safe, and as expected, Ukraine has rejected and sharply criticized this allegation. The official statement from Ukraine discloses that Zelenskyy was on a visit to Helsinki for a meeting with the leaders of five Nordic countries when this alleged incident happened. Zelenskyy mentioned in his statement that “his country fights only on their territory”. So far, Ukraine has maintained what Zelenskyy has stated, and if this is true, Moscow must probe the matter comprehensively to find out who attacked the Kremlin as this may open a new chapter not in the Russia-Ukraine war, but in the national politics of Russia.

China’s Push for Tech Supremacy
The other theatre of activities in world politics is associated with China. Every day, China comes with one or the other news that shows how Xi is trying his best to justify his third term in China. He is now paying a special attention towards developing science and technology to counter the supremacy of the US. First and foremost, he is centralizing the power so that his policy decisions could not be questioned by anyone in any circumstance (this perhaps has become the brand image of China, anyways!). Xi is promoting domestic production of semiconductors. This should be noted that China has already invested heavily in the Latin American countries, especially in the Lithium triangle countries, to hold the dominion of the Lithium and associated industries. It is working vehemently to attain the control of renewable sources of energy. Xi seems to be working to attain a supremacy of technical know-how of future technologies so that he can stay relevant as a leader and as a nation in the global politics & trade. The history however shows that the world never likes to be dominated by one power. Hegemons meet with their counterparts, sooner or later. It would be interested to see that in this quest of China, who shows up as its counterpart.
decision to Release Political Prisoners in Myanmar
Last but not the least, Myanmar’s ruling military council has finally decided to release more than 2,000 political prisoners on humanitarian ground (why were they captured in first place if the ruling council understands the word ‘humanitarian’!). Thousands of people are imprisoned in Myanmar for criticising the military rule or peaceful protests. The army of Myanmar took over the political power and control from the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi in February 2021 and since then, Suu Kyi is serving a prison term of 33 years on the charges imposed by the army. The military council has now decided to ‘pardon’ over 2000 people to mark the birth and enlightenment of Buddha on Buddhist holy day of the year. Hope the army realises the true essence of Buddhism lies in democracy.
For that matter, I hope that the world realises the true essence of Buddhism and promote democracy and peace. Hope to discuss some positive developments next week.
The author is Professor, School of International Studies, JNU.