RTDC Chairman claims to have better RiverFront than Europe

The growth of the Kota Riverfront was rapid and unpredictable for the locals. The idea of Smart City Kota becoming a well-known tourist hub has finally come true. Previously known for its industry and coaching institutions, Kota is now becoming well-known for its tourism business. The largest dream of UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal is achieved with the construction of the Chambal Riverfront.
Smart city Kota has experienced a change in the air since the 3-kilometer-long Chambal riverbank. The loud advertisements hanging around the city declare that Kota will soon surpass all other cities as a tourist attraction in addition to being a city of education. The city’s value has increased thanks to the 1200 crore rupee project. This demonstrates that, if the administration wants progress, it can achieve it while in power. Other states and nations can use the Kota model as inspiration.
Chairman of the Rajasthan Tourism Department Corporation, Dharmendra Rathod, says, “Tourism in Rajasthan sets an example. Working on something unexpected allows us to lead by example for the rest of the world. On the global tourist map, Rajasthan is now the state with the fastest growth. All of this was made possible thanks to a boost provided by the chief minister of Rajasthan, particularly after Rajasthan was granted industry status.”
Rathod also claimed that the Chambal River Front was better than that of Europe.
“Rajasthan’s rural areas have been developed with RTDC and government encouragement to preserve the spirit of the state’s culture. The hotel for Rajasthan tourists is located next to “Dhani’s.” Policy for rural tourism has embraced all facets,” he added.
Rathod claims that we will not compete with anyone since we have set a standard, citing the choice made by Pakistan’s former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in 2014 as evidence that European nations lack this beautiful structure and vision.
RTDC Chairman said that the concerned department employees are working on discovering a solution for the Supreme Court’s and the NGT’s guidelines and that their recommendations are being followed, as much as possible. He concluded by saying, “The hard work put in by thousands of people will be embraced and issues will be solved by technical

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