RSS reaches out to provide food and relief, organises blood donation camp

The coronavirus outbreak has not only caused havoc in the country but also worldwide. On the one hand, despite all efforts to control the virus, the situation could not be brought under control. On the other, due to the nationwide lockdown, the economy has taken a bit hit, which is affecting both the poor and the rich. Everything has come to a standstill. In such times of woe and distress, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has come forward to help the daily wage workers, the poor and the needy. Sangh volunteers have reached out to provide food packets or ration packets to the poor. Thousands of volunteers are continuously engaged in service through the ancillary organisations such as Seva Bharati, ABVP, Mazdoor Sangh and VHP.

“We are serving food to people in around 200 places in Delhi every day through Sita and community kitchens,” said an RSS volunteer, adding how they have made arrangements to deliver food to the homes of those people who could not access these kitchens due to lockdown or distance. Earlier, several Sangh outfits also distributed home-made face masks. Apart from the distribution of food and ration packets, organisations such as Seva Bharati are also working in the health sector for the relief of victims. Seva Bharti, along with Resident Welfare Association, Patel Nagar, and Red Cross, for instance, organised a blood donation camp in the Patel Nagar area of Delhi. According to sources, there has been a significant decrease in blood donation during the time of lockdown. Therefore, to compensate for the shortage of blood donated, the ancillary organisations of the Sangh decided to organise a blood donation camp across the country. According to Rajiv Tuli, former province publicity head of Delhi RSS, 97 units of blood were given through this camp. “Similar blood donation camps will be organised soon in different areas of Delhi along with the partner organisations,” he said.

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