‘Role of ayurveda across India has been impressive’


Kartikeya Sharma, Rajya Sabha member, on Tuesday questioned the role of Ayurveda Research Centers and their groundbreaking Indian projects during the second leg of the budget session.
As a categorical response, the AYUSH ministry stated, “The research activities of the CCRAS include medicinal plant research (Medico-ethnobotanical survey, pharmacognosy, and tissue culture), drug standardization, pharmacological research, clinical research, literary research & documentation, and other outreach activities.
The Council also conducts clinical trials to validate classical ayurvedic formulations and to develop new Ayurvedic drugs in accordance with industry standards like WHO guidelines for traditional medicines, Ministry of Ayush guidelines for ethical biomedical research, and Good Clinical Practices Guidelines for ASU drugs (GCP-ASU). During the drug development process, the Council has created numerous ayurvedic medications since its foundation.
In another part of the question, he asked the number of diseases for which ayurvedic drugs have been developed during the last three years;
The AYUSH ministry responded, “For the past three years, CCRAS has been in the process of developing various Ayurvedic formulations for diseases like: Dengue, Migraine, improving quality of life in Cancer patients, Mental Retardation in Children, Geriatric Health, Conjunctivitis, Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, Filariasis, Occupational Stress, ATT induced H.” “Non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, Antenatal Care (Anemia), Antenatal Care (Oedema), Repurposing for Malaria Mild to Moderate Covid– 19.”