Robert Vadra slams BJP on FIR over post made by Priyanka Gandhi


Slamming Bharatiya Janata Party over complaints against Congress leaders on their allegations of corruption in Madhya Pradesh, businessman Robert Vadra on Monday said that governments formed by BJP by toppling governments “will not last long” and Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Rahul Gandhi are “fearless”.
Robert Vadra, who is the husband of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, told ANI that he was not surprised at the action of BJP government in Madhya Pradesh.
Madhya Pradesh Police have registered an FIR against “handlers” of the ‘X’ (twitter) accounts of Priyanka Gandhi,  state Congress chief Kamal Nath and party leader Arun Yadav over allegations of corruption in Madhya Pradesh government.
Robert Vadra said the more the pressure is exerted on Congress leaders by the BJP,  more strongly they will rise.
“I am not surprised. This is their method to create a perception. This was the same in Karnataka, there was ’40 per cent commission’ govt. The same is here (Madhya Pradesh). Wherever they topple government and run their own politics – that government will not go on for long and people will revolt…Priyanka is fearless, Rahul is fearless, Soniaji is fearless, we will put forth the people’s voice…They will put pressure on us either legally or through agencies or some other way. But the more pressure they put on us, the more we will rise strongly,” Robert Vadra told ANI.
Indore Police said on Saturday that a BJP office-bearer Nimesh Pathak lodged a complaint which said that “a fake letter” bearing the name of a person named, Gyanendra Awasthi, was being circulated on social media with allegations that the contractors in the state were being asked to pay 50 per cent commission.
In her tweet, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra referred to a media report and made allegations against the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government.
“A Union of Contractors in Madhya Pradesh has written a letter to the Chief Justice of the High Court complaining that payment is received only after paying 50 per cent commission in the state. The corrupt BJP government in Karnataka used to collect a 40 per cent commission. In Madhya Pradesh, BJP has gone ahead by breaking its own record of corruption. The people of Karnataka ousted the government with  40 per cent commission, now the people of Madhya Pradesh will remove the BJP government with a 50 per cent commission from power,” Priyanka said in a tweet.