Rivalry heats up as video accusations fly in Congress


A controversy has erupted over a video in which Congress leader Archana Sharma, who is said to be in the race to get a party ticket for the upcoming assembly polls, is purportedly speaking about a party “rival” striking up a “Rs 40-crore deal” to “stop her”. However, Sharma, who is the chairperson of the Social Welfare Board, said she has not named anyone in the video.
Sharma is seen saying, “When my rival felt that he was losing, he thought of making an alliance with my rival within the party, and both had a meeting in a hotel. But walls have ears. It came out that a deal worth Rs 40 crore has been made. Such a big deal to stop me.”
After the video emerged, Congress leader Rajiv Arora, who is also vying for a ticket from the Malviya Nagar assembly constituency, wrote on X on Wednesday evening, “You can never win by playing dirty. Karma is real. You reap what you sow. The ill-will of taking a ticket even after losing twice is hurting the Congress party from Malviya Nagar.”
Responding to this, Sharma said, “Rajiv Arora is like my elder brother. I did not name anyone. When he contested the election from this seat, I supported him. He should also support me.”