With the adoption of technology in recent years, hiring processes have evolved in talent acquisition, onboarding, or working remotely. Startup companies in HR-tech have adapted even faster than expected to this revolution. These HR-tech startups are helping emerging companies grow with the help of talent acquisition management and recruitment tools. The traditional recruitment process is being replaced with online recruitment. HR-based companies have contributed the most to the upkeep of productivity as the work culture has altered dramatically in the last two years. Companies had to reset their HR policies overnight to deal with the internal and external consequences. HR leaders were on the frontline, allowing companies to adopt business policies that protect their employees’ well-being. 

Organizations face numerous challenges when hiring, such as time constraints, lack of skilled resources, and budget shortages. Companies use new technologies to automate the recruitment process to solve these problems and revolutionise the process of hiring with smart innovations. For example, employing AI across various industries helps identify more relevant and diverse candidates faster and reduces unconscious biases. AI-based solutions can help integrate hiring algorithms and evaluations into the hiring process and sync interview processes automatically. The algorithms are dynamically written, automatically upgrading when new data is added, making the system self-sufficient.

Online job seeking has revolutionised the ease and convenience of finding and applying for jobs. Thanks to online job boards, what was once a local recruitment search has become global. New technologies have transformed almost every business, and recruitment is no exception. Technology continues to improve various facets of the recruitment process, from changing the composition of the candidate pool to expanding touch points between recruiter and candidate to decreasing bias.

Revolutionize your organization’s hiring process with AI by:


The new-age advanced analytics can help you define who to hire based on a profile that will remain longer and perform better in your cultural setting. Advanced technology can help you expand your sourcing network, reduce time to profile, and improve precision, allowing for strategic rather than tactical hiring decisions.


As we heavily rely on recruitment and social platforms for hiring, the accumulated data over the years from millions of users and various sources helps companies make decisions based on insights across different parameters. Data-driven recruiting allows companies to attract the correct talent pool by filtering candidates based on their past recruitment history, qualifications, location, skills, and characteristics. This ultimately results in a greater chance of success in hiring. 


For talent acquisition teams, AI recruitment chatbots are a powerful tool. These chatbots designed and built for HR, help save time and money and improve the overall candidate experience. As per a recent survey, chatbots can help save time by answering up to 80% of common enquiries in under a minute. This is useful given that more than half of all applicants give up on a company if they don’t hear back within two weeks of applying. Conversational Chatbots can assist in learning more about customers. They guide the businesses in determining their queries and requirements, the items or services they are interested in, and making strategic decisions to optimise the experience. When it comes to coping with data inaccuracy, robotics and chatbots can help bridge the gap.


AI is deemed a real-life intelligent system that understands things and responds appropriately rather than presenting an inaccurate response. In short, it creates new and better avenues for businesses to make the recruitment process smarter and faster. The applications of this technology are booming, and we are moving forward into a future where it can do even more. Businesses are also getting smarter, faster, and more efficient at finding talent with advanced technology like AI in their corner. Artificial intelligence will substantially aid human intelligence in enhancing recruitment and job search methods and speeding up and streamlining the entire recruitment process. While there’s no single way to guarantee hiring success in every situation, using AI as one tool in your arsenal will likely lead to tremendous success in the long term.

The author is Global Co-Founder and CEO of Hirect India