Work from home or study from home, staying online maximum time of the day is the new normal. Samsung’s latest offering would be of great help to make this new normal easier and more comfortable. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is perfect for content consumption, studying online and gaming. It is light, compact enough and has great sound and display. It can be a tab well used by everyone at home and is available at a starting price of RS 16,999.


Display: 10.4-inch TFT 2000 x 1200 pixels (WUXGA+)

Platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon 662


Built-in storage: 32GB

Expandable storage: up to 1TB

SIM Card slot: No (there is a 4G model, this one is Wi-Fi only)

USB-C: Yes

3.5mm jack: Yes

Thickness: 7mm

Battery: 7040mAh

OS: Samsung One UI 2.5 over Android 10

Rear Camera: 8MP

Front Camera: 5MP

Speakers: 4

Bluetooth: 5


Slim, elegant, and well-built are the first things that will strike your mind when you see Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. It is available in grey, silver and gold. The tab has a nice metal finish at the back, giving it a premium feel. It is light and comfortable to use. The 10.4-inch display is great for a tablet. While watching content or playing games, it feels and fits well in your hand. The device is a bit slippery so you might need a cover. You get the power button and the volume rocker on the right. The tray for the microSD card slot is on the left. At the top and the bottom, there is quad-speaker setup. At the bottom, there is USB-C port and the endangered headphones jack. The back of the tablet has a camera. On the front, a camera is on the side bezel in the centre. All in all, the build quality is premium and easy to use.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has TFT display, 2000 x 1200 pixel resolution giving it a 224 PPI pixel density. It might not be the crispest display as compared to Samsung’s AMOLED display on other tablets. But you would not complain about the display as it is not like other budgeted tablets at all. To judge that better, I watched content on OTT platforms and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of colour and how vibrant the videos looked. The tab comes with four speakers providing a good audio experience. We did not require Bluetooth speakers while watching a movie in a group on the tablet which says a lot about its sound quality.


Galaxy Tab A7 runs on a Snapdragon 662. Few things that need to be pointed out if you are looking at this tablet for gaming: It might not be the fastest and the best choice if you are into high graphic games. But if you are using this tablet for basic multitasking activities, then its performance would not dishearten you. It is a great day-to-day usage tablet in terms of its performance factor.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has a 7040mAh battery, with normal usage the tablet worked well for 10 hours. This included viewing content, using social media, and sending emails. The battery sustained for 8 hours when gaming was involved with other multimedia activities.


This is one department for which you would not be buying this tablet. It does help you make the video calls you need and does the business there but is not meant for clicking pictures worth sharing.


Good built quality

Bright display



Poor camera


Samsung Galaxy Tab7 is a tablet for everyone. It is excellent for someone who wants it for online content viewing and classes. The tab is light and has a great display. If you want to play games with higher productivity, then this might not be the pick for you. It is one of the best-budgeted tablets in the market for multipurpose usage.