Removal of fellows hit Delhi govt’s ambitious projects

Arvind Kejriwal

Projects and schemes for creating 20 lakh jobs, as announced in the 2022–23 Rozgar budget of the AAP-led Delhi government, have been derailed due to the disengagement of 437 consultants and fellows hired by it following the direction of the Lt Governor, government officials claimed on Friday.
No immediate reaction was available from the LG office on the claims.
“Projects envisioning 20 lakh new job opportunities in Delhi have halted following the sudden dismissal of government fellows. Schemes and projects, including the redevelopment of six markets, three food hubs, and five new policies, have derailed because of the unparliamentary termination of the fellows,” an official said.
As a result of the termination of the services of the consultants and fellows, employment creation will suffer an “unprecedented delay”, he added.
The Delhi government fellows, advisors, consultants, and other experts played a crucial role in identifying and addressing the key challenges faced by the people of the national capital, officials said.
Their role encompassed extensive market research, data-driven insights, and the formulation of targeted solutions to alleviate the hardships experienced by the people.
As specialists in fields of economics, data analysis, social impact, strategy, and implementation, these fellows provided end-to-end solutions for the toughest of the problems faced by the government, they said.