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Ram Janmabhoomi will be a unique centre of social harmony: VHP

Sabyasachi Roy Choudhury



The foundation stone of Ram Janmabhoomi is set to be laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 5 August. The occasion will mark the Ram temple emerging as a unique centre of social harmony, said Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) general secretary Milind Parande.

 “Lord Ram conveyed the message of social harmony and empowerment through his own life. The water of thousands of holy rivers across the country and the ‹raj› of holy shrines used in the foundation stone pujan of Ram Janmabhoomi will unite the whole of India and make it a vision of national unity,” explained Parande. He also cited mythological instances like Ahilya uddhar, friendship with Sabari and Nishadraj as examples of social harmony delivered by Lord Ram.

Parande further said, “There has been a lot of discussion about the development of the temple and Ayodhya since the Supreme Court›s decision on how Ayodhya will develop. Since Lord Rama was “maryada purushottam”, His glimpse should be seen in his homeland too.”

 The VHP general secretary also expressed his enthusiasm about a press conference taking take place at the holy site. “This is where Dr Hedgewar›s Sangh-Ganga and Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar › s Samta-Ganga originated,” he commented.

He also appealed that on 5 August people should collect in homes, establishments, monasteries, ashrams, etc. and commemorate the bhajan-pujan-kirtan of the beloved deity 10:30 am onwards. He asked everyone to dedicate flowers, perform aarti and distribute prasad. Arrangements are apparently underway to broadcast the Ayodhya programme live alongside the decoration of houses, markets and monasteries.

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With 300 stalls, this is the largest participation by the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs in the India International Trade Fair this year.



Union Minister for Minority Affairs and Deputy Leader, Rajya Sabha, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, while speaking at the conclusion of the annual Hunar Haat event, said that the event had generated crores of rupees for artisans and craftsmen who were engaged in making indigenous products.

Union Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi at the event

Over 550 artisans and craftsmen from more than 30 States & UTs participated in the 33rd Hunar Haat

Crowd around the stalls of artisans and craftsmen at the event

Over 550 artisans and craftsmen from more than 30 States/UTs participated in the 33rd “Hunar Haat”, organised at India International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan from 14 to 27 November.

While talking to reporters on the conclusion of Hunar Haat, Naqvi said that while people purchased indigenous exquisite handmade products worth crores of rupees, the artisans and craftsmen have also received orders worth crores of rupees from national as well as international buyers.

“Hunar Haat” was also awarded the prestigious IITF2021 Silver Medal for strengthening its commitment to “Vocal for Local” and its strong presence at Trade Fair.

According to Naqvi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “mantra” of “Vocal for Local” and “Swadeshi to Swavlamban” have encouraged and promoted India’s traditional and ancestral legacy of handloom-handicraft.

With 300 stalls, this was the largest participation by the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs in the India International Trade Fair this year. Canara Bank had set up a stall in the “Hunar Haat” to provide easy loans to artisans and craftsmen for employment and self-employment.

Renowned artists such as Annu Kapoor, Vinod Rathore, Sudesh Bhosale, Roop Kumar Rathore and Sonali Rathore, Suresh Wadekar and Padma Wadekar, Amit Kumar, Mohit Khanna, Prem Bhatia, Osman Mir, Rekha Raaj, Vivek Mishra, Ankita Pathak, Priya Mallick, Bhupendra Singh Bhuppi, Mirza Sisters, Posh James and others made memorable spectacular performances every evening at “Hunar Haat”.

The minister said that Hunar Haat’s virtual and online platform, and GeM portal, have opened enormous opportunities for economic empowerment of artisans and craftsmen. More than 7 lakh artisans, craftsmen and people associated with them have been provided employment and employment opportunities through “Hunar Haat” in the last about 6 years.

The next “Hunar Haat” will be organised at Surat from11 to 20 December; JLN Stadium, New Delhi from 22 December 2021 to 2 January 2022. “Hunar Haats” will also be organised in Mysuru, Guwahati, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Patna, Puducherry, Mumbai, Jammu, Chennai, Chandigarh, Agra, Prayagraj, Goa, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Kota, Sikkim, Srinagar, Leh, Shillong, Ranchi, Agartala and other places in the coming days.

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The Central along with the state government has set up and issued a certain set of guidelines for the tobacco companies. But it came to the surface that tobacco companies are mocking the rules. Despite the ban on advertisements of tobacco products, the manufacturing companies continue to do so which is a matter of serious concern requiring the state government to take stern action against the violators. The aforesaid is revealed by a study conducted by Maharishi Dayanand University ( MDU) Rohtak in collaboration with Environment Sustainability Management (ESM) sale.

The joint report of both institutions showcased that the tobacco companies are selling to children below the age of 8 years in an organised manner which is a serious offence. What is of utmost importance to state is that more than 98 percent sale centers display cigarettes along with candies, chocolates, and toffees to promote tobacco products. Thus, the findings of the report indicate the violation of Prohibition of advertisements of cigarettes and other tobacco products section 5 and prohibition on the sale of cigarettes or other tobacco products to persons below the age of 18 years and in a particular area.

In this series, it is worth mentioning that a program was also conducted jointly by both institutions to provide information about the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) 2003 which permits the tobacco companies to decide the points of sale as well as the target groups for their products.

The report showed that tobacco products, namely cigarettes and Bidi, were displayed near the educational institutions along with sweets and candy to attract the school children.

Doctor Rita Kotwal, Deputy Director, Public Health and State Nodal Officer, NPTC said that it is a matter of serious concern and alarming situation as the tobacco selling companies continue to breach the norms to woo persons below the age of 18 years. In order to keep children and adolescents away from tobacco use, the tobacco control action should be implemented strictly in the state. It is evident from the prevailing scenario that tobacco companies are leaving no stone unturned to woo the school-going children, requiring the concerned bodies as well as the state health department to come up with a foolproof strategy to tighten the noose around the neck of those breaching the norms.

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‘Articles 370, 35-A weren’t useless footnotes written in opaque legalese’



Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday took on the Union Government on decisions taken on August 5, 2019 saying Articles 370, 35-A were not useless footnotes written in unfathomable legalese.

Omar is on an extensive tour of the Jammu region and has been addressing public gatherings in the Pir Panjal range on a daily basis. On Sunday he was addressing a party rally in Doda.

“The discriminatory approach of the center towards Jammu and Kashmir smacks of some vengeance towards the people. One is at its wits end to understand what the center is up to in Jammu and Kashmir. It remains a mystery for us as to why this government is desperate in its handling of the people of J&K and Ladakh? Why is Ladakh allowed to retain resident certificates? Why not such protections for the residents of Jammu, Kashmir, Doda, Kistawar Pir Panjal? Such iniquitous measures smack of some out of sight designs of helmsmen in New Delhi,” Omar said adding “Unlike Ladakh, the flood gates have been left open for non-locals to apply for government jobs and own land in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Where are the jobs for youth? Where is the much touted accountability and projected investment? Weren’t the people of Jammu, Kashmir, Chenab and Pir Panjal region poised to have job extravaganza for our youth? Where is the new infrastructure on ground? Where are those investment drives? We didn’t see Tata and Birla invest in Jammu and Kashmir after the nullification of the state’s status. Where is it?” Omar said adding, “The claims of the BJP government that the abrogation of Article 370 and downgrading of a State into two union territories has paved the way for new industries, created new employment opportunities, decreased terror incidents, brought atmosphere of peace and security, nurtured democracy, eradicated corruption, brought new Central laws for betterment of people in this region are far-fetched. The ground situation belies these claims.”

Omar said that Chenab and Pir Panjal regions have been completely relegated to oblivion post 2019.

Situation in Doda, Kistawar, Ramban and other towns and cities of Chenab region, Omar rued is no different and the region, which had been rescinded from the development radar of the government post 2015, received a fatal blow to its developmental prospectus. “Jobs for youth, connectivity, electricity, health and education in this region have taken a back seat in the region since 2015. Post 2019 the region has completely been relegated into oblivion,” he said.

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CM Channi announces Rs 2 cr grant for Lord Parshuram Chair at Punjabi University



Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi on Sunday announced to set up an exclusive research centre on three epics of Ramayana, Mahabharat and Srimad Bhagvad Geeta.

The Chief Minister, while addressing the gathering after laying foundation stone of state of art Bhagwan Parshuram Taposthal here, said that this state of the art research centre would showcase the message of these three epics. He said that since ages these epics have been source of life and inspiration for entire humanity adding that this research centre would act as a catalyst for disseminating the message of these epics amongst the masses in simplest form. CM Channi said that the state government was trying to rope in respected Shankaracharya ji for this ambitious project.

The Chief Minister further said that the state government would develop the Taposthan of Bhagwan Parshuram ji as a state of the art architectural marvel. He said that cheque of Rs 10 crore has already been handed over to the district administration and more funds whenever needed will be sent accordingly. CM Channi also said that RS 75 lakh would be spent on development of place related to Mata Renuka ji, the mother of Lord Parshuram ji.

The Chief Minister also said that in order to ensure proper care of the stray cattle in the state, the Brahmin Welfare Board would be entrusted this task. He said that funds would be provided to the board for proper upkeep of the stray cattle. CM Channi said that it’s the need of hour to solve this one of the major social problem.

Evoking the example of Mahabharat to make a scathing attack on the Akalis, the Chief Minister said that the Kauravas were ruined due to puttar moh (love for son) of King Dhritraashtra. In the same manner he said that Akalis were in shambles due to the love of Akali stalwart Parkash Singh Badal for his son. CM Channi said that Mahabharat is a treatise regarding the statecraft and is still relevant today adding that poor situation of Akali Dal is an example of it.

Slamming Aam Aadmi Party Supremo Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister said that Delhi Chief Minister is groping in dark for fulfilling his lust of power. He said that besides being an outsider Kejriwal is a rumour monger who knows nothing about state but pokes his nose in every thing. CM Channi said that such type of cheap politics would never be successful in the state.

The Chief Minister said that he was fortunate that Congress leadership has bestowed him this service to serve the state. He said that he was working to resolve the issues that are faced by every common man of the state.

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Former chief minister and People’s Democratic Party president, Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday said that the aim of “proxy parties” created by the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir is to make the unconstitutional decision of August 05, 2019 as constitutional decision through them in the assembly.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of a party convention in Bandipora, she said that the policy of BJP has been to create division among regional parties in Jammu and Kashmir. “First they attacked PDP and created ‘proxy parties’, which everyone knows. Then they created division within NC in Jammu and made those leaders to directly join the BJP,” she said.

Mehbooba said that now there is a division in the Congress party as well and to her knowledge this division is not happening on its own, but is being done by the BJP. “”BJP wants to create two factions in the Congress party here as well and want to use them separately,” she said.

Replying to a question, she said that election will be held one day or the other, but she has a doubt that the way they are creating division among the regional parties in Jammu and Kashmir, their only aim is that in the coming assembly election they will make those people reach the assembly who will help them to make the unconstitutional decision of August 05, 2019 as a constitutional decision through assembly.

“They will make those people, who are their proxies, to reach the assembly and through them they will make the unconstitutional decision of August 05, 2019 as constitutional and right decision. But I have full faith that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are well aware of these proxies and they understand which parties are their own parties, which parties will defend their rights and which parties will deceive them,” she said.

Mehbooba said that the aim these new parties is only to make unconstitutional decisions of August 05, 2019 as constitutional decisions.

It is worth mention here that most of the founder members of the PDP have left the party and joined Apni Party floated by once close aide of Mufti Syed, Mohammad Altaf Bukhari. Bukhari was finance minister in the PDP led regime and after parting ways, he has taken away most of the leaders.

Also Sajjad Gani Lone’s Peoples Conference has managed to rope in some new faces either new entrants in politics or former members of PDP.

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Arup Kali



KOLKATA: The Winter Session of Parliament will begin on Monday, November 29. The working committee meeting was called on Monday to decide on the issues to be discussed by the Trinamool Congress camp in this session. Top leaders of the party including party leader Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee will be present at the meeting. Leaders from other states who have joined the Trinamool may also be present.

The meeting was held at the Chief Minister’s residence in Kalighat. Meanwhile, it has been learned that the Trinamool MPs will not attend the all-party meeting convened by the Congress tomorrow because of this meeting.

All the 21 members of the Trinamool Congress working committee have been summoned to the meeting tomorrow. It is learned that this meeting will decide the direction of the TMC in politics at the national level. The way, the TMC emerged at the national level after great results in this year’s Assembly elections, the winter session is crucial for the party. The party will be vocal on some issues in the parliament, the meeting will take a call.

Lately, several new faces have appeared in the TMC. Leaders such as former Goa chief minister Lujinho Faleiro to former Assam Congress leader Sushmita Deb have joined TMC.

Last week, former BJP MP Kirti Azad and former JD (U) leader Pawan Burma also joined the party. Among them are Lujinho Faleiro and Sushmita Dev, members of the Rajya Sabha, and Lujinho has become a member of the working committee. It is learned that these new faces will also be seen in the working committee meeting tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the anti-BJP alliance formed in the last session led by the Congress has also started cracking. The Trinamool will not attend the all-party meeting convened by the Congress ahead of the upcoming winter session of Parliament. According to party sources, the Trinamool will not attend any meeting congress called. There is no question of coordination with the Congress in the winter session of Parliament. The Trinamool will not even send a representative to the meeting of opposition leaders called by any Congress MP.

Sources are saying that the Goa leaders of the Trinamool Congress do not want any direct talks with the Congress. Because, a few months later, the assembly are to be held elections in Goa. And there the Congress is fighting against the BJP as well as the TMC. And so the grassroots leaders in Delhi have to avoid any meeting called by the Congress before the winter session of Parliament. 

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