Rajnath compares PM with King Bharata in Himachal

Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh during his Himachal Pradesh visit on Monday compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi with King Bharata calling India a peace-loving nation.
“India takes inspiration from great leader Bharata who opened the mouth of a lion to count its teeth and in today’s era Prime Minister released Cheetah with his hand. India is a peace-loving nation but it doesn’t mean it is a coward”, said Rajnath Singh in Himachal Pradesh. Singh addressed a public gathering organised to honour the families of martyrs at Bharoli village in Kangra district to mark the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’.
“We are constructing a new India that will give a sense of security and assurance to friendly nations. Those who want to cause damage to India or have such intentions will have to pay a huge price,” he said.
He further added that India never tried to harm the self-respect of any nation but when attempts were made to harm the self-respect of India, they have been given befitting replies.
“The 1971 war will always be remembered in India’s history for the courage and bravery of the Indian Armed forces. If that time decision was taken over PoK then it would have been with India not with Pakistan,” he added.
Singh further added that pre-planned terror activities were being operated from across the border and the defence forces acted on new strategies and executed Balakot air strikes and Surgical strikes.
“Being a bordering state, people of Himachal Pradesh are strategic assets of the country and to provide them a better life is a responsibility of the government,” he said.
Singh added that since the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken charge, PM is working to build a strong infrastructure. “Excellent works has been in terms of border infrastructure. Roads bridges and tunnels have been constructed. And as a part of it Atal Tunnel which was pending for several years has been constructed in Himachal Pradesh,” Singh said.
“Earlier, India was known as a defence importer. Today, it is one of the top 25 defence exporters in the world. In just eight years, Defence exports have seen a jump of about 600 per cent. In the year 2014, India had just Rs 2000 Defence exports and it has increased to Rs 13,000 cr in the year 2021-22,” said Singh.