Rajinikanth quits poll politics, cites health issues


Chennai: Superstar Rajinikanth announced on Tuesday that he would not enter into electoral politics due to his health issues. In a statement issued on twitter at 11:50 am, Rajinikanth stated that his recent health condition is a God’s warning to him.

In the three-page statement, Rajinikanth explained that even after all precautions were taken and Covid guidelines were followed in the Annaa, the movie sets in Hyderabad, four of the crew were tested positive and because of that he had severe blood pressure fluctuation and being a renal transplant patient following the testing negative for Covid.

Rajinikanth has stated in the statement that he cannot bring up the change he wanted to see in society and get the victory he wanted in the Assembly elections. He also added that he cannot risk facing crores of people through public meetings and that will lead to loss and embarrassment of his followers, both mentally and physically. “With great grief, I am informing that I’ll not enter politics or start a political party. Only I know the pain of making this decision,” said Rajinikanth.

He also asked his fans and followers to forgive him for his decision and said that all the members of Rajinikanth Makkal Mandram followed his instructions and served the people during the Covid time and all that will come as a blessing to his families. He added that the Rajinikanth Makkal Mandram will function as usual.

Right after Rajinikanth making public his announcement, several political party leaders and AIADMK ministers urged that Rajinikanth should extend their support to them in the upcoming Assembly elections. Minister Foi Pandiya Rajan urged that “as Rajinikanth wants to offer MGR governance, so request him to extend his support to AIADMK which is giving MGR governance”.

Tamil Manila Katchi leader G.K. Vasan requested Rajinikanth to lend his support to AIADMK as it does “good to the people of Tamil Nadu”.