Raje sends out ‘chief ministerial aspirations’ to BJP leadership


Following BJP president JP Nadda’s visit to Jaipur, former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s tweets are being viewed as a “political message” for the party leadership. However, the leadership is reluctant to heed Raje’s supporters’ demand that she should be projected as the BJP’s CM face for the upcoming assembly elections in Rajasthan.
Vasundhara Raje’s mother Vijaya Raje Scindia had played a key role in BJP’s formation but the irony is that she is being sidelined in the party, making the situation intolerable for the former Rajasthan Chief Minister.
The BJP leadership is confident to win the elections on the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Therefore, the high command does not want to project anyone as BJP’s CM face in Rajasthan. But what if the bet backfired? The BJP is a little bit worried over this as well. Removal of State BJP chief Satish Poonia has turned out to be a wrong decision for the party.
This move could not bring all the leaders together. Decision to remove Poonia as BJP state unit president was quite surprising as it came despite high command’s green signal for his continuance in office till polls. But state BJP’s heavyweights somehow convinced the high command to replace Poonia with a jon-Jat leader as party chief, which was a wrong message for the Jat community. Realising the mistake, the leadership tried to control the damage. Poonia’s meetings were taken seriously.
Meanwhile, Nadda held consultations with senior BJP leaders recently to zero in on a leader who could be given campaign committee charge. In a setback to Raje’s camp, Union Minister Arjun Meghwal’s name was discussed prominently. Announcing his team from Jaipur, Nadda had already sent out the message that Raje would continue to hold the responsibilities at the national level.
Raje supporters were hopeful that she would be given at least campaign committee charge. But they are now disappointed yet again as Meghwal is tipped to be the head of the campaign committee of the BJP.
Meghwal is not identified with any faction. So, the party can bet on him. Some fear that this move might also backfire like the one on appointing CP Joshi as Rajasthan unit chief.
Amid all this, Raje’s two “meaningful” tweets have sparked a political debate. In her first tweet, Raje says, “India has the largest constitution of the world, in which women have been given equal rights as men. Despite this, women have to fight for their own rights. Even today, only men are taking important decisions related to their lives. When I entered the politics of Rajasthan, I also had to struggle a lot, which has not diminished even today. If I was scared, I would not have reached here. When a woman takes a resolution, she can share even big mountains.”
In another tweet, Raje maintains, “When lightning flashes, the sky changes, when a strong threatens, it changes day and night! When the earth cracks, it changes the border and when a woman thunders, it changes history!
In fact, these tweets by Raje were meant for women empowerment. But political pundits have started drawing different conclusions. Raje has a good hold in Rajasthan politics. If, at all, Raje chooses to chart her own course, the BJP may be in trouble.