Rajasthan’s political crisis may end this week

The ongoing political stalemate in Rajasthan is likely to end before Friday as things are becoming clear about this crisis in the state. First, the Ashok Gehlot-led government has shown rebel MLAs their way out of the party and full preparations are being made to terminate their membership. Action on this will be taken as soon as the decision of the court comes. Shortly after this, CM Gehlot will prove his majority by calling the House this week. Second, allegations against Sachin Pilot to harm the party may come to light in the coming days. The manner in which Gehlot made serious allegations against Pilot on Monday is being considered a important indication. 

 Gehlot claimed that Pilot wanted to become AICC president with the help of Mumbai corporate. After Rahul Gandhi’s resignation, words were spread that Pilot was the most suitable for the post of national president. Soon after, the doors of the Congress were closed forever for Pilot. 

 The Congress is now awaiting the decision of the court. The first attempt of the party is to prove its majority and after that, a new team will be formed across the state by expanding the Cabinet. Also, the selection of candidates for 19 seats will be done soon.