Rajasthan’s pioneering laws gain nationwide attention: Gehlot


Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot stated that Rajasthan was the first state in the country to implement several important laws, which are now being discussed nationwide. These include the Advocate Protection Bill, Gig Workers Act, Right to Health, and Rajasthan Minimum Income Guarantee, among other historic decisions. He mentioned, “Various state governments are following suit. The state government is dedicated to further strengthening resources and facilities in the justice sector.” He mentioned that in 2009, 110 crore rupees were approved for the new High Court building, and subsequent recommendations were also approved for fundamental development and extensive expansion.
The Chief Minister also noted that Rajasthan now comprises 50 districts, and this expansion will lead to significant improvements in services and facilities in the justice sector. He stated that the state government has opened more than 200 new courts and upgraded existing ones, which has made it easier to resolve pending cases for litigants.
Gehlot suggested using information and technology in resolving pending cases. He said, “Serious thought should be given to the reasons behind pending cases. Furthermore, the Rajasthan High Court and the state government should make efforts to increase the number of fast-track courts.” He called for the implementation of a litigation policy. He urged the end of strikes that occur on the last date of every month in the High Court.
The Chief Minister mentioned that so far, 20 million people have provided valuable suggestions for Rajasthan’s Mission-2030. He added , “Judges and lawyers are also encouraged to provide their suggestions for the comprehensive development of the state. These suggestions will be included in the Vision-2030 document.”