Rajasthan University welcomes first transgender student


Many innovations are being made in the state of Rajasthan, incorporating policies from all over India and abroad. In this series, transgender Noor Shekhawat has been given admission to Rajasthan University. RU will be the first university in India to admit transgender students on a document basis. This is an important decision to ensure the right to education in Rajasthan University, including giving special priority to transgenders in the elections.
Noor Shekhawat has been given admission to the university after completing all the paperwork. Noor is the first transgender who has set an example by taking admission to the university. Now, Noor will study the subjects of BA Sociology, Political Science, and Philosophy. Today, Noor will attend the freshers’ party and address the media about her new journey.
She said, “Rajasthan may be a ‘Rudi Wadi’ state, but it has progressed a lot in the last few years. Today I have taken a new step towards my education, which I think everyone should do. The journey was a little difficult in the beginning, but that does not mean that one should start being afraid of the journey. Today everyone supported me, and everyone in the university is welcoming and very happy with my admission. People here are happy with me and are not showing off anything.”
Noor concluded by saying, “There are all kinds of people in society, some support you and some do not. But we cannot become anyone’s favourite by force, or expect anyone to behave as per our wish.” This historic move will give encouragement to many more people who are willing to study and grow further but are unable to do so because they are afraid of society.