Rajasthan tourism on the rise after getting industry status


Rajasthan Tourism Department has fulfilled its dreams in recent times. After the Corona period, tourism again increased its pace of progress after many years. On World Tourism Day, the arrival of tourists and employment generated by tourism will be celebrated across the state. Dalip Singh Rathore, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, shared his views about the world-famous Rajasthan tourism. Here is an excerpt from the interview.
Q: What important changes took place after tourism was given the status of industry?
A: Rajasthan is the first state which has been given the status of industry. Since getting the status of industry, the number of tourists in Rajasthan has increased. After the development of tourist places with the consent of the state government, a change is being seen in the inclination of tourists. Rajasthan tourism has been given the status of an industry, but it is an industry that runs ‘no smoke’ i.e. without any pollution and smoke.
Q: What is being done regarding tourism security?
A: For the safety of tourists, police stations have been set up at major tourist places. Tourist police stations are mainly engaged in the security of tourists coming to Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur. Police are deployed at tourist posts and police stations to provide main assistance to all domestic and foreign tourists. The state government has deployed a Police Assistance Force at various places so that there is no inconvenience in any way.
Q: What would you like to say about the image of Rajasthan on World Tourism Day?
A: Rajasthan state promotes the message ‘Padharo Mhare Desh’. All the domestic and foreign guests in our state are quite impressed with the culture and heritage of Rajasthan. At present, we need to do a lot of work. We are trying to make Rajasthan known across the world. It is our endeavour that people in every culture and every corner of the world recognize Rajasthan.