Rajasthan introduces first-ever home voting for assembly polls


The Election Department is diligently working towards inclusive and impartial elections. Following the guidelines of the Election Commission of India, Rajasthan is witnessing the introduction of home voting for the first time in the state’s assembly general elections.
In these elections, approximately 1.805 million eligible voters will have the option of home voting.
Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Gupta mentioned that this is a new initiative in the direction of inclusive elections. Under this initiative, Booth Level Officers (BLOs) are providing information to eligible voters about home voting by visiting households. He explained that this service is offered as an option. Eligible voters who wish to avail themselves of this facility need to fill out the Form 12-D provided by the BLOs within five days of the election notification.
The list of voters choosing the option of home voting will be shared with all recognized political parties by the Electoral Officer, and Mobile Voting Teams will facilitate postal voting for these voters. It’s noteworthy that in the state, there are 1,213,817 voters aged 80 years and above and 595,095 differently-abled voters registered for these elections.