Rajasthan Forum hosts ‘Desert Storm’ with actor Ashok Banthia


Artists from Rajasthan have always made a good contribution to the Hindi film industry. Ashok Banthia of Udaipur is also one of those who has made a name for himself in this field through his excellent work while living in Mumbai. To introduce you to the artistic journey of almost four decades of Ashok Banthia, the ‘Desert Storm’ talk show was organized by Rajasthan Forum on Sunday. In this show organized at Hotel ITC Rajputana, Rajasthan Forum member and tourism expert Sanjay Kaushik brought alive the artistic journey of Banthia through various interesting and informative questions.
Even before the beginning of the program, Ashok Banthia said in a very charming manner that he would not say anything negative today. While sharing his journey in theatre, he said that he was born in Bikaner but came to Udaipur from Bikaner. His family started a business, but his mind always remained in pursuit of art.