Raising Superstars Assembles Activities That Children Look Forward To


Every parent has certainly contemplated methods, strategies, tips, and tricks, to give their little one a “leg-up” in life. Why wouldn’t they? Our child’s success is our success. But more often than not, by the time young parents decide to intervene; they have missed crucial developmental years, which could potentially have been a game-changer in their child’s life.

Mumbai-based Raising Superstars is helping parents all over the globe act quick, and act early, with their ingenious programs. The Ed-Tech start-up holistically assembles various fun-filled activities that children look forward to, and are not forced into. The programs can be accessed from their website “www.raisingsuperstars.com” and require merely 5 minutes every day. They instil within a child skills and fundamental human abilities such as musical intellect, creativity, mathematics, physical abilities, and learning languages that persist throughout their lifetime. What’s more is that, every aspect of the program is completely screen-free for children, without any sort of testing, benchmarking, or pressure. Raising Superstars strives to make every activity pleasant and pleasurable for the kids and parents alike.

Early years’ education, and early years’ intervention are a widely researched, and debated topic. It is common information that early action can have a long-lasting positive impact in a child’s life; but the question that remains is, how early must parents act?

This question can be answered by the fact that a child’s brain develops up to 80% in the first 3 years, and 90% of a full-grown brain, in the first 5 years of their life. Providing the right type of nourishment and education during these years is imperative.

Equipped with the evidence and research, we at Raising Superstars decided to take early action with our own baby boy.

Throughout my school and college life, I was surrounded by intelligent individuals who would succeed without putting in too much of an effort, on the other hand; I felt I struggled even after working tirelessly. With this thought in mind Raising Superstars began with my desire to help my own baby boy sail through life with ease, without adding any external pressure, and ensuring the experience is enjoyable, and educational.

My wife Shraddha and I went through a lot of research and evidence regarding the topic, and attempted to create activities and programs using our newfound knowledge.

Once we began to witness demonstrable progress within our child, so did our friends. Naturally, they asked about it, and we shared it with them, the power of word of mouth took over and we have never looked back since.

Little did we know, that our attempt to help our boy, would receive so much attention. Presently, our programs are appreciated and endorsed by young parents in over 35 countries, and we are working towards expanding further.

We are driven every day by two things, that children crave to learn and grow, and the customer love and positive stories we hear regarding our programs. Our mission now is to help more children make the best of their unique inner talents, which will help them succeed in whatever they choose to pursue in life.

We do not aim to make your child study in order to become a “genius” by any means; however, we design intelligent programs, that help you identify your child’s talents, and help them become the best version of their own potential.

The Author is Founder of Raising Superstars