Rahul Gandhi :Bidhuri’s remark against BSP MP is “distraction strategy”of BJP from caste census

The BJP's "distraction strategy" from the caste census is Bidhuri's comment on the BSP MP


Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the opposition Congress party, claimed on Sunday that Ramesh Bidhuri’s offensive comment in the Lok Sabha was merely another attempt by the BJP to divert attention away from the caste census plan.

“What you’re seeing today, Bidhuri, and then suddenly this Nishikant Dubey, this is all the BJP trying to distract from the idea of the Caste census,” the Congress leader said while addressing an event in the national capital on Sunday.
Further speaking on ‘One Nation, One Election’, scion of the Gandhi family said, “It’s one of the BJP’s distraction strategies. The main issues in India are the concentration of wealth, huge inequality in wealth, massive unemployment, and huge unfairness towards the lower caste, OBCs, and tribal communities. These are issues. Now, the BJP can’t contest those,” he said.

Gandhi claimed that BJP officials were making such claims and supporting one nation, one election in order to divert attention from more pressing issues. We comprehend it. We won’t permit them to carry it out.
The Congress politician stated that at this moment, “we are probably winning Telangana, certainly winning Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and are very close in Rajasthan.” She also expressed confidence in winning the four state assemblies elections set for later this year.
The Congress politician attacked the BJP, claiming that it wins elections by distracting voters and preventing them from developing their story.