Punjab’s Stubble Burning Nightmare Ends; 1084 FIRs REGISTERED AGAINST VIOLATORS


In an unexpected turn of events, Punjab witnesses a staggering 28.8% drop in farm fire cases, reaching the lowest count since Diwali. Special Director General of Police (Spl DGP) Law and Order Arpit Shukla, appointed as the Police Nodal Officer to combat stubble burning, reveals the remarkable decline for the third consecutive day.

Breaking down the numbers, Shukla discloses that only 634 cases of stubble burning were reported on Monday, marking a significant improvement from the previous days. The relentless efforts of the Punjab Police, in line with the Supreme Court’s directive to halt stubble burning, have contributed to this unprecedented drop.

DGP Gaurav Yadav’s strategic appointment of Spl DGP Arpit Shukla, along with daily meetings and strict penalties, has yielded results. Shukla shares that the police teams have registered 1084 FIRs, imposed penalties worth Rs 1.87 crores in 7990 cases, and made red entries in revenue records for 340 farmers.

With 1085 flying squads actively monitoring stubble burning and extensive outreach efforts, including meetings with Kisan leaders at various levels, the police have taken proactive measures to sensitize farmers about the Supreme Court orders. Shukla’s hands-on approach, personally reviewing districts and holding ground-level meetings, has significantly contributed to this positive outcome.

As Punjab witnesses this remarkable turnaround, Shukla urges farmers to cooperate in preventing stubble burning, emphasizing its detrimental impact on the environment and children’s health. This incredible drop in farm fire cases showcases the dedication and untiring efforts of the police personnel and civil administration officials on the ground.