Punjab Police: Main accused may have links with Pak-based smugglers

Punjab Police

Azad Veer Singh, the main accused in the blasts at Heritage Street near Sri Harmandir Sahib and behind Sri Guru Ramdas Sarai in Amritsar, had lived in Tarn Taran and Gurdaspur before carrying out the blasts. Police suspect that the accused had contacts with Pak based smugglers during that period. But the police are yet to find any evidence in this regard. Now, the police are trying to find the past links of the accused Azad Veer Singh and Amrik Singh. For this, the police have sought information about their mobile details and tower locations for the last three months from the mobile companies concerned. With this, the police will come to know with whom the accused contacted and where he was present during that period. Police suspect that Azad Veer Singh and Amrik Singh had developed links with old smugglers from the border villages to get involved in arms and drug trade through cross-border smuggling. The accused was trying to contact Khalistani outfits and Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI after blast in the said area. Punjab Police arrested five suspects in connection with a series of IED bomb explosions last week near Amritsar’s Golden Temple. Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) Gaurav Yadav said that the blasts on May 6,8 and around midnight of 10 occurred outside the Golden Temple. In the first incident last Saturday, one of the suspects detonated a makeshift bomb containing about 200 grams of explosives after lowering it in a bag from the top of a building, he said. The second bomb was detonated in a similar way in the dawn hours of Monday, he added. Police did not provide further details of the third explosion or confirm the total number of injuries. There was at least one injury from the first explosion and six injuries from the second blast. The Golden Temple is one of Punjab’s top attractions, famous for its gold encrusted dome and surrounding clear waters.