Punjab jail security beefed up after MHA alert


Will the terrorists take out the notorious terrorists and big gangsters from the jails of Punjab? These questions have started arising after intelligence inputs from the Ministry of Home Affairs that were sent to the Punjab Police on Monday. As per senior officials of the Punjab police, they have beefed up the security of the four jails.

Punjab police.

After the murder of Sidhu Moosewala, terrorists are trying to execute a big conspiracy in Punjab. In this regard, the Union Home Ministry has issued an alert to the Punjab police. In the alert, the ministry has said that a plan is being made to expel the infamous terrorists and big gangsters from certain jails in Punjab. After this alert, the security of the jails of Punjab have been increased by the ministry.

In fact, after the intelligence input sent by the Union Home Ministry to the Punjab police, the security system in the major jails of Punjab has been tightened even more. The names of terrorist organisation Babbar Khalsa International and Harvinder Singh Rinda, a wanted terrorist hiding in Pakistan, have come up in the alert issued by the ministry. Together they are conspiring to free the notorious terrorists and big gangsters.

The alert also mentions the name of the jails that could be the possible targets of terrorists: Bathinda jail, Ferozepur jail, Amritsar jail, and Ludhiana jail.”

It is being learned that Harvinder Singh alias Rinda, who runs a terrorist network from Pakistan to India, has planned to break the jails in Punjab to ensure the release of some prominent gangsters and terrorists in the coming days, as per a senior police official.

It has also being claimed in this letter that Rinda can also take the help of Jihadi elements to carry out this conspiracy.

This alert has come to the fore on the anniversary of Operation Blue Star. This is the day in 1984 when the then Indira Gandhi government eliminated Khalistani terrorists on the premises of Golden Temple. Harinder Singh is the India Head of Rinda Babbar Khalsa International, which operates terrorist networks from Pakistan. The name of this terrorist organisation has also come to the fore in the killing of Moosewala and in the attack on Mohali Intelligence headquarters.

It is worth noting that in the recent past, there have been an increase in terrorist activities in Punjab. The state has witnessed several incidents like the murder of Kabaddi player Sandeep Singh Nangal Ambian on 14 March, the murder of Sidhu Moosewala and the RPG attack on the Police Intelligence headquarters in Mohali.

These incidents have raised questions about the law and order and security system of Punjab.

In such a situation, without taking any hesitation, after the alert of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Punjab police has tightened the security system.