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The Tripura chief minister opens a "Weekend Tourist Hub" in Agartala to promote tourism


Manik Saha, the chief minister of Tripura, opened the “Weekend Tourist Hub” in Agartala on Sunday in front of the famed Ujjayanta Palace. Saha shared images from the occasion on Twitter and claimed that the government is taking steps to improve the state’s tourism industry.

“Our government is taking various initiatives to make the State’s tourism sector more attractive. As part of such initiatives, inaugurated “Weekend Tourist Hub” in front of Ujjayanta Palace, one of the most important tourist locations in Agartala, this evening,” read the tweet.
“I believe, this initiative will turn into a special attraction to the tourists and generate income scopes,” read the tweet further.

After opening a new tourism facility in the state, Saha said that while some states already have weekend tourist hubs, Tripura has never had one. I hope that this first-ever weekend tourist hub will be a success in the coming days. The Chief Minister emphasized the need for continued strict security and gave the police strict watchful instructions to prevent any potential issues and guarantee a secure environment for tourists.

Tourism Minister Sushanta Chowdhury and Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) Mayor Dipak Majumder were also present at the event. Ujjayanta Palace opens every day with light and sound shows.