With a “record-breaking” 84.6% of the manifesto commitments already accomplished, and the promise of fulfilling the remaining in the next one year, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday directed all ministries and departments to move aggressively and proactively to push for the realisation of the 7-point ‘Agenda 2022’ he had unveiled in the Vidhan Sabha on Friday.

The agenda, aimed at ensuring total protection of people and their properties in an environment of peaceful co-existence conducive to saving the lives and livelihood of all Punjabis against all odds, is centered around citizen welfare through a holistic focus on overarching development of the state. The overarching goal of the agenda is to ensure the development of a ‘Kaamyab & Khushal Punjab’.

The futuristic agenda, which has set the stage for his government beyond the current term of his government, is designed to meet the aspirations of the people of Punjab, Captain Amarinder had announced in the Vidhan Sabha on Friday while sharing with the House his goals ahead. Cognisant of the fact that this would need more time, he had said, during his speech in response to the discussion on the Motion of Thanks to the Governor’s address in the Vidhan Sabha, that “I am sure that the people of Punjab are conscious of this.” He had also expressed the confidence that the people of the state will not be carried away by the “false promises and euphoric claims of some leaders who are completely detached from Punjab and Punjabiyat,” but would continue to repose confidence in his transparent and responsive government.

The 7-point agenda that encompasses the Chief Minister’s promises are to fully protect the Zarr and Zameen of the State at any cost. Ensure peaceful co-existence (Shantmayee Samaj) for all in the State. Save lives and livelihood (Jaan and Jahan) of all Punjabis against all odds or situations. Reach out to every needy person (Zarrorat Mand) to alleviate his economic miseries, and provide them their due benefits under the socio-economic programmes of the government. Empower youths (Sashakt Naujawan) of the State by enabling them to stand on their own feet. Ensure adequate food, and shelter at affordable prices (Sasti Roti and Pakki Chhat) for all deserving populations of the State; and develop every village, and town of the State in a manner that everybody gets an equal opportunity to live a quality life.

Pointing out that of the 546 commitments/promises made to the people of Punjab in the manifest during the 2017 elections, his government had fulfilled 455, the Chief Minister also assured the House that the remaining promises of his Government will also be fulfilled in the time left at its disposal.

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