Punjab And Haryana High Court Granted Bail To Former AIG Ashish Kapoor In Bribery Case

The Punjab And Haryana High Court in the case observed and has granted bail to former Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Ashish Kapoor and the Assistant Sub Inspector Harvinder Singh in a bribery case. The court in the case also took note of the petitioners’ ‘substantial period’ of custody which being of more than seven months and the court ordered the release of them on regular bail.
It has also been alleged before the court that the said incident occurred in the year 2018, but the First Information Report, FIR was being registered at a later date in 2022. Thus, Kapoor had come into contact with a woman, who being in custody in an Amritsar Jail. Further, the case was being filed against her relatives, and the Kapoor, along with the second accused ASI Harjinder Singh for allegedly receiving the sum for an amount of Rs. 1 crore through various bank accounts.
It has also been submitted by the counsel appearing for the petitioner that Kapoor was falsely implicated in the case. However, the complainant’s counsel submitted that a Forensic Science Laboratory, FSL on the voice sample matching incriminates the accused and that a video purportedly shows Kapoor assaulting the victim.
It has also been directed by the bench headed by Justice Gurvinder Singh Gill that the duo to be released on a regular bail after the bail bonds is furnished with regards to the satisfaction of the trial court.
The bench headed by Justice Gill in the case observed and has stated that the accused has been behind bars for more than seven months and the trial has not commenced to date and even the charges have not been framed for want of sanction in respect of one accused.
Further, the court in the case stated that it being undoubtedly correct that specific allegations have been levelled which are against the accused and the police claim to have collected sufficient evidence to establish the allegations.
The court also observed and has stated that the said court cannot lose sight of the fact that the petitioners have been behind the bars for a substantial period of about seven and a half month. Therefore, the trail in the case has not even commenced till date inasmuch as charges have not been framed for want of sanction in respect of one of the accused.
Case Title: Ashish Kapoor vs State of Punjab
Harjinder Singh vs State of Punjab
The counsels, Senior Advocate Mr. Bipan Ghai with Advocates, M/s Nikhil Ghai and Siddanth Arora, appeared for the petitioner.
The counsel, Advocate Mr. Jashan Mehta, appeared for the petitioner.
Mr. J.S.Mehandiratta, the Addl. AG, Punjab.
The counsel, Advocates, M/s A.K.Bishnoi, M.R.Bhardwaj and N.K. Vashisht represented the victim.

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