Pub raided for operating as Dance bar in Bengaluru, seven detained


According to recent crime reports from Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka, police have detained up to 13 people in connection with two distinct instances involving the operation of an illegal dance club and theft.

Seven employees of a nearby pub were apprehended by Bengaluru City Crime Branch (CCB) officials after a raid revealed that they were operating late into the night as a dance bar.

The Joint CP of Crime from the CCB, IPS officer Raman Gupta, posted information about the case on social media. The Royal Orchid Hotel’s Jeff’s Bar was the target of the raid. The pub’s management is charged with operating the establishment past the allotted hours and as a dance club.

Bengaluru allows bars and pubs to stay open until one in the morning. Within the boundaries of Jeevan Bhima Nagar police station, the incident took place. According to Gupta, officers have detained seven employees and taken 1.8 lakh rupees from the bar.

“CCB Police raided a Jeff’s bar at the Royal Orchid Hotel in JB Nagar PS limits for operating beyond permissible hours and converting the pub into a dance bar. Cash worth ₹1.8 lakh was seized and 7 staffers were arrested. @CPBlr,” he tweeted.

The news from Kodagu, Karnataka, reports that a warehouse inside the boundaries of the Siddapur police station was burglarized and almost 2.5 lakhs worth of coffee was taken. Police from the station have solved the case, and on Monday they detained six suspects.

The Kodagu area is well-known for its plantations of coffee and tea. In Chennayanakote village, a storeroom is where the theft took place. The Kodagu SP tweeted that police have confiscated the vehicles used to carry out the crime.

The Siddapur police station detected a case of coffee theft from a warehouse in Chennayanakote village under Siddapur police station and arrested 6 accused and seized the stolen coffee worth ₹2,48,000 and the vehicles used in the crime. Appreciate the work of the police,” he tweeted.