Protests and political alliances: BJP workers’ concerns in Hyderabad



The BJP’s alliance with Jana Sena in the upcoming Telangana elections is causing concerns, particularly among those in the Kukatpally constituency. A group of BJP activists from the Kukatpally Assembly constituency in Hyderabad staged a protest at the state party office in Nampally. They were urging the party’s leadership not to grant tickets to the Jana Sena party.

These demonstrators expressed concerns that allocating the Kukatpally seat to Jana Sena might indirectly benefit the BRS candidate in the upcoming elections. They feared that such a decision could negatively affect the motivation of their party’s cadre in that constituency.
The protest came about due to the potential alliance with Jana Sena. In anticipation of potential unrest, the police increased security at the party office, expecting activists from various constituencies to gather and protest if they were not included in the upcoming third list of candidates.

The BJP had previously revealed its first list containing 52 candidates, with just one name in the second list. The party is in discussions with Jana Sena’s leader, Pawan Kalyan, regarding the possibility of an electoral alliance.

Despite the protests, the BJP appears undeterred and is proceeding with its decision to allocate the Kukatpally seat to a Jana Sena candidate. This move has upset certain BJP candidates. In response to the potential consequences, the BJP corporator from Kukatpally has resigned from the party and joined the BRS today.

It appears that the BJP is facing challenges in gaining momentum in Telangana, as notable figures have not recently joined the party. This could be one of the factors motivating the BJP to form an alliance with Jana Sena. On the other hand, Jana Sena, which has never contested in Telangana before, is grappling with uncertainty regarding candidate selection and constituency allocation.

Kishan Reddy, the BJP’s state president in Telangana, garnered attention recently with his statement. He emphasized that candidates should maintain their faith in the party and place trust in the party’s leadership, urging them not to leave before the elections. Additionally, he indicated that if the BJP were to come into power, it would consider revising or canceling the Muslim reservation policy in Telangana, a stance that has raised concerns for the party.