Problems will be solved if BJP wins: Residents of Sri Niwaspuri


As the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections inch closer, discussions on who will sweep to power have started. The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), which has been controlling the reigns of MCD for the last 15 years, is expected to come back to power as well. The electoral contest will be primarily between the BJP, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), and Congress.
We spoke to the residents of Sri Niwaspuri to find out the key issues that would determine their vote. In conversations with The Daily Guardian, people highlighted a number of issues, including garbage, the poor state of education, and bad roads.
Sunny, a resident of Sri Niwaspuri, said that he wants to see the BJP come to power in the coming MCD elections because the party has been continuously working towards the development of the area. He alleged that the AAP only makes hollow promises. Another resident, Shivam, expressed that all the problems would be solved if BJP wins the MCD elections.
Former Councillor of the area and new candidate, Rajbhar, said that the BJP has hoisted its flag once in the past in the MCD elections and left no stone unturned for the progress of the area. “In the future as well, the BJP will win and solve the problems of the people,” he said, further adding, “All the people living in slums in the Sri Niwaspuri area will be given houses, and people’s problems will be resolved on the ground level.”
Sunil Vashisth, the president of the Congress block in Sri Niwaspuri, expressed confidence that the Congress will win this time and focus on the basic needs of society. He further said that only Congress can resolve the problem of unemployment, pollution, and education, and that the party is fully prepared to win the MCD elections in 2022.
In 2017, the BJP won 181 seats, while the AAP received 48 and the Congress received 30. The MCD election will be held on 4 December and the results will be announced on 7 December.