Private jet mishap: Co-pilot Neil Diwan critical and paralysed below waist

In the aftermath of a private jet mishap at Mumbai airport, all eight individuals on board the aircraft were reported to be in stable condition, with the exception of 21-year-old co-pilot Neil Diwan. Diwan sustained severe injuries and was urgently transferred to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai for surgery. His injuries include a spinal injury and a fractured sternum, resulting in paralysis below the waist. Dr. Abhijeet Pawar, a spine specialist, is conducting the surgery. The incident involved six passengers and two crew members, including the pilot and co-pilot.
After the accident, all eight passengers were admitted to Criticare Asia Multispeciality Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai, where they are currently under observation.
Captain Sunil Kanjarbhat, the 46-year-old pilot, suffered multiple abrasions, chest wall trauma, and a scalp hematoma. His chest scan revealed bleeding in the chest area, with a small fluid buildup detected in his heart via ultrasound. Furthermore, he has a wedge compression fracture of the L1 vertebra, and a CT brain scan identified axonal injury.
While Captain Kanjarbhat’s vital signs remain stable, medical experts have recommended an MRI of the lumbar spine and a 3D CT scan of the face to further assess his condition.

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