Principal accused of molestation in school faces suspension and probe


The District Education Officer (DEO) has completed the investigation into the case of indecent molestation of girl students in a government school in Uchana in Jind district of Haryana. Upon hearing the students’ accounts, their emotions welled up. The school principal was suspended following the district inquiry committee’s report. Education authorities now advocate for a thorough high-level investigation, and a formal request for this will be dispatched to the headquarters on Monday.
There were serious revelations in the letter written by the girl students against the principal. The girl students say that whichever student the principal liked, he would call her to the office with a back door on some pretext and then molest her. They would lure him to pass with good marks. A few months ago, a teacher posted in the school was a friend of the principal and she used to send the girl students to him in the room with black mirrors. Whatever happens inside is not visible from outside. On August 31, 2023, the students of the government school of Uchana in Jind district had written a 5-page letter to the Women’s Commission, Delhi, the President and the Governor. In this, the girl students told that the principal of their school, Kartar Singh, calls them to his room and does dirty things with them. tampers with them. The principal has installed a black glass door in his office.
In this, everything is visible from inside to outside, but nothing is visible from outside to inside. Here he used to call the girl students and talk obscenely, if he saw anyone coming, he used to turn the conversation around. The girl students allege that if the principal likes a girl, he calls her to his office on some pretext or the other and keeps her standing near his chair. Talks dirty to them, touches them with wrong intentions and tempts them to pass by. When the complaint of the girl students reached the district administration, an inquiry committee was formed under the chairmanship of the ADC. When DEO Jyoti Sheokand also came to talk to the girl students of the school, her eyes welled up after hearing about the atrocities of the principal on the girl students. The students told that the principal has done this with many girls. If a student protests, he makes false allegations and threatens to expel her from school and fail in papers and practicals.
According to the complainant student, she herself has been a victim of the principal’s misdeeds twice. According to sources in the education department, the officials were also complaining about this for a long time. The staff also informed the authorities about this several times, but every time the accused principal was saved. Some teachers tried to settle the matter by talking. In such a situation, serious questions are being raised on the officials of the education department.
The principal of the government school of Uchana, who has been accused of molestation and dirty activities with the girl students, was earlier posted in the government school of village Ghoghadian. The villagers together raised their voice against the principal and got him transferred. Even after coming to another school, the principal’s actions continued. There were serious allegations against him. The schoolgirls have mentioned this in the complaint letter.
ADC Dr. Harish Vashishtha says that the teacher has been suspended after preliminary departmental inquiry. The investigation will still continue. Depending on the type of allegations and if truth is found in them, it may also lead to the dismissal of the principal. Serious steps are being taken by the administration on this. By writing letters to all the schools, arrangements were made for investigation there. In this, the situation will be ascertained by talking to the girl students.