Prime Minister Thanks Supreme Court For Making Judgements Available In Regional Languages; In Independence Day Speech


In the Independence Day Speech, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the Supreme Court for ensuring that the judgments are translated into regional languages.
The Prime Minister stated, I thank the Supreme Court. It has been stated by the Supreme Court that the operative part of the judgments will be made available in the language of the party who has come to the Court.
The Chief Justice bench of DY Chandrachud, who was being present among the dignitaries attending the Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort, folded his hands to convey his gratitude to the Prime Minister for lauding the efforts of Court.
The Chief Justice bench of DY Chandrachud had recently announced the plan to use Artificial Intelligence to make the judgments of the Supreme Court, which was originally being published in English and was available in the regional languages.
The CJI DY Chandrachud stated while speaking at the public function in January 2023 that it being the very important initiative which we have adopted recently, is our initiative for translation of the judgments of the Supreme Court in regional languages. Thus, we must understand that the language which we use namely English, is a language which is not comprehensible and particularly in its legal avatar, to 99.9% of our citizens, in which case really access to justice cannot be meaningful, unless the citizens are able to access and understand in a language which they speak and comprehend, the judgments which we deliver whether in the high courts or in the Supreme Court. It has also been stated by the CJI Chandrachud that the Supreme Court would initially focus on translating Judgments into four languages—Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, and Odia. Adding to it, he stated that the judgements will be made available in all scheduled languages.
While following the lead of the Supreme Court, the several High Courts across the country started publishing judgments in regional languages as
well, apart from English.