Pre-diabetes challenge: 15.3% at risk of heart disease


The ‘CSI Cardiac Prevent – 2023 national conference held in Jaipur saw participation from over 30 national faculties, who discussed heart-related diseases and risks in their sessions. During this two-day event, heart experts focused on understanding the dangers our hearts face. Students also presented their posters during the conference. On the final day, experts such as Dr. Kushal Madan, Dr. Dheeraj Khurana, Dr. Ruchi Gupta, and Dr. Satish Kaushik, among others, presented their research in the sessions. 15.3% of the population in the country is pre-diabetic.
Pre-diabetic individuals are in the early stages of diabetes and are at risk of developing heart problems. This means that heart-related issues have already begun in 15.3% of the people in the country. Doctors at this conference emphasized that it’s not ghee, but carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, flour, wheat, or sugar that lead to an increase in insulin, exacerbating diabetes and consequently causing heart diseases. They also advised avoiding foods high in carbohydrates and cholesterol.