Young and talented violin player Shubham Sarkar, promising vocalist Dr Rita Dev, and Santoor exponent Shuddhashil Chatterjee gave their remarkable performances.

Pracheen Kala Kendra, the foremost organisation dedicated to art and culture, organised its 17th quarterly baithak under the series “Legends of Tomorrow” at Triveni Kala Sangam recently.

The 17th quarterly baithak underway at the Triveni Kala Sangam.

The programme was studded with eminent artistes of repute. Young and talented violin player Shubham Sarkar, promising vocalist Dr. Rita Dev, and Santoor exponent Shuddhashil Chatterjee gave their remarkable performances. Secretary of Kendra Sh. Sajal Koser, with other distinguished guests, lit up the traditional lamp. Artist Shubham Sarkar is an acclaimed young Hindustani classical violinist from Delhi, who has got the valuable guidance of Padmashree Pt. Bhajan Sopori and is still learning from Dr. Santosh Nahar (Violin Maestro). On the other hand, Dr. Rita Dev is a notable name in the arena of Hindustani Classical Music. A rich vocalist from the famous Banaras Gharana, her repertoire includes both classical and semi-classical genres. She is an A-grade artist on All India Radio, and her performances across the country are documented by Doordarshan and leading television channels. Dr. Rita Dev is Head of the Music Department at Agra College, Agra. Pt. Suddhashil Chatterjee is one of the promising Santoor exponents from Kolkata. He has been trained by Pt. Tezendra Narayan Majumder (the World renowned Sarod Exponent of Maihar-Senia Gharana) for years. The programme commenced with a violin recital by Shubham Sarkar. He chose the raga Puriya Dhanashree with its traditional jod. He presented compositions in vilambit laya set to jhap taal followed by Madhay laya’s composition in ek taal. He concluded his recital with a fast-tempo composition in teen taal. He was ably accompanied by his father, Sh. Pradip Kumar Sarkar, on Tabla.

After this melodic performance, Dr. Rita Dev took the centre stage and she opened up the performance with Rag Megh.

After a reposeful aalap, Rita presented Bada Khayal bandish “jiya mora dar paave” in vilambit ek taal. Then she doled out with another bandish “gagan garaj barsat damini” set to teen taal in drut laya before she presented Thumri set to Mishra desh ‘Hey maa kaari badariya’ in her tempting voice. She concluded her recital with Kajri ‘Sajni chhayi ghata ghanghor”. She was well accompanied by Sh. Saptak Sharma on Tabla and Mudassir Khan on Sarangi. Acclaimed Santoor exponent Shuddhashil then took the centre stage and he chose popular raga Ragesri, and after traditional alaap, he presented jod enriched with a blend of melody and chhand. This was followed by a composition based on jhaptaal knitted with rhythmic patterns and intricate layakaris.

Then he moved on to present a couple of compositions. Before a drut Teentaal composition packed with fast diridiri taans, followed by an exciting jhala at a very fast laya, he presented a medium-tempo teentaal composition packed with different kinds of taans. Suddhashil concluded the recital with a mishra dhun with tunes of patriotism celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. He was finely accompanied by Sh. Ashutosh Verma on Tabla.