Possession, sale of imported firecrackers punishable in Haryana


The Haryana government has declared possession and sale of imported firecrackers as illegal and punishable in the state. Giving information about this, an official spokesperson said that Deputy Commissioners of all the districts have been directed to be vigilant in this regard and take strict action against the sale and distribution of imported firecrackers. In addition, they have also been asked to ensure that there is no storage of imported firecrackers by conducting the inspection of all the establishments and taking preventive actions.

The spokesperson said that according to a letter issued by the Union Ministry of Commerce, fireworks fall under the Indian Trade Classification (Harmonized System) and their import is prohibited. Firecrackers cannot be imported without obtaining a license or authorisation from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade and during recent years no licence or authority has been issued by the Directorate-General for import of firecrackers. The sale of firecrackers requires a license issued by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation.

He said that all the District Deputy Commissioners, Commissioners of Police and Superintendents of Police in the state have been directed to take stringent measures to stop the sale of imported firecrackers and alert people not to use such firecrackers. The cases of possessing or selling such firecrackers should be immediately reported to the nearest police station so that appropriate action can be taken against such offenders.