Politicians in Haryana make mockery of corona guidelines while holding electoral rallies


Police resorted to lathi-charge on protesting farmers for allegedly flouting Covid-19 social distancing norms at Pipli in Haryana three days ago. But politicians continue to make mockery of such norms while holding the election rallies in the state.

While organising election rallies, politicians are ignoring the government’s strict ban on holding such events, protest, demonstration as they may lead to the spread of Covid-19. Why is not action being taken against such politicians is the question being asked by the farmers who were injured in
police lathi-charge.

What has been seen is that political leaders are openly campaigning for by-elections in the Broda assembly seat of Haryana, regardless of the corona guidelines. The leaders have a huge crowd around them with many of them wearing no masks. Every single political party is conducting such campaigns flouting the Covid norms.

Wrestler turned BJP leader Yogeshwar Dutt including some leaders of other parties have been conducting meetings and addressing the public for a long time now. He has a crowd around us, with no social distancing being followed.

In a sharp contrast to the leaders going unnoticed by the administration, farmers were subjected to massive action by the police. Even FIRs were registered against the farmers under the relevant disaster management and epidemic acts. But what about politicians? Why is there no action
for them and those attending their rallies?

This despite the fact that several videos are going viral showing these leaders amid the crowd flouting corona guidelines. Several images of such rallies are there as a proof on the basis of which action can be taken. But they are being ignored deliberately. Farmers have rightfully raised their demand for better price for their produce, but they were beaten up and they had cases registered against them. Farmers say that false cases were framed up against them while they were raising their demand peacefully.

Several BJP ministers including Ranjeet Singh, JP Dalal and MP Sanjay Bhatia have tested positive after they visited the Broda assembly as part of campaigning. Even then, they continued to have a casual approach. Are there two sets of rules, one for farmers and the other for politicians? Farmers are asking this question now.