PM to address 12 webinars on union Budget from today


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address 12 post-budget webinars from Thursday starting with a webinar.
The Ministry of Finance in a statement said the Prime Minister will address 12 post-budget webinars, which will be held between 23 February and 11 March. These webinars are being organised by various ministries and departments to build on the “Saptarishi” Priorities outlined in the Union Budget 2023-24.
These webinars to be addressed by the Prime Minister will include– Green Growth, Agriculture and Cooperatives, Harnessing Youth power- Skilling and Education, Reaching the last mile/Leaving No Citizen Behind, Unleashing the Potential: Ease of living using Technology, Urban Development with focus on Planning, Developing Tourism in mission mode, Infrastructure and Investment: Improving logistic efficiency with PM Gatishakti National Master Plan, Health and Medical Research, Financial Sector, Women Empowerment and PM Vishwakarma Kaushal Samman (PM VIKAS).
The government under the visionary leadership of the Prime Minister has undertaken several budgetary reforms in the past few years.
The date of the budget was preponed to February 1 so that Ministries and Departments get sufficient time for utilisation of the funds on the ground before the onset of monsoons.Another step towards bringing in reforms in budget implementation was the novel idea of Post Budget Webinars.
This idea was conceptualised by the Prime Minister to bring together experts from the public and private sectors, academia, industry and practitioners on the field on a single platform and collaboratively work on implementation strategies across sectors.