PM Modi wraps up Rajasthan rally with blistering attack on Congress


On the occasion of the culmination of the Parivartan Sankalp Yatra, PM Narendra Modi directly attacked the Congress government and the I.N.D.I.A Alliance in the Parivartan Sankalp Mahasabha held in Dadiya. Along with this, at the beginning of his speech, PM Modi said that the people of Rajasthan have sounded the bugle for freedom from Congress misrule, and the Congress government deserves a score of ‘Zero’. He also said that the Gehlot government has wasted five years of Rajasthan’s youth, therefore, the people of Rajasthan have resolved to remove the Gehlot government and bring back the BJP.
The PM said that the Parivartan Sankalp Yatra of the BJP has received public support in every corner of the state and that this is a clear indication that the weather in Rajasthan has changed. He congratulated everyone at the culmination of these rallies.
It should be noted that in the speeches that took place before this, whenever PM Modi spoke, he mentioned issues related to the central government at the beginning and then attacked the Congress government in Rajasthan. But during the meeting on Monday, PM Modi directly attacked the Congress government. This makes it clear that now the BJP will surround Congress on every issue.

India’s pride is touching new heights
PM Modi said that today there is praise for India’s capabilities throughout the country. “Our Chandrayaan has reached a place where no other country in the world has been able to reach. Even the countries opposing us are surprised and worried about India’s success in the G20. On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, India started work from the new Parliament building. In the new building, the BJP government has dedicated work to mothers, sisters, and daughters. For decades, our mothers and sisters have been sitting with the hope of 33% reservation in the Lok Sabha and Assembly. This hope has been fulfilled on the first day of the new Parliament,” he said. PM Modi also said that the poor have self-respect, and they know how to work hard. Referring to himself, he said that he has come from a humble background, and hard work is the only way for him. Modi said, “I say what I do, and I have the courage in my guarantee. I am not saying this in the air. My entire track record of the past 9 years is proof of this.” PM Modi said, “Our government guaranteed the implementation of One Rank, One Pension for the country’s ex-servicemen, and it has been fulfilled.”

Attempting to reach Muslim women through the Triple Talaq issue
PM Modi raised the issue of Triple Talaq in his speech, targeting the Congress. He said, “Muslim sisters were suffering injustice for generations due to Triple Talaq, and they had no hope. But we had the will, and we brought a law against Triple Talaq. Many sisters have received justice. The Congress never had the intention to empower women.”
Narendra Modi also said, “What Congress is talking about women’s reservation today, they could have done it 30 years ago. But the truth is that Congress never wanted women to have 33 per cent reservation.”

Targeted Congress on the Sanatan Dharma issue
Meanwhile, mentioning the great sages, the Prime Minister said that we have received the great heritage of Sanatan Dharma. He asserted that Congress and the arrogant organization have announced the eradication of Sanatan from the root.

Hidden black deeds in the Red Diary
Speaking of the Red Diary, the Prime Minister said that it contains black deeds. He also mentioned the law and order, saying that incidents of open throat-cutting are happening here. He said, “This is not just a common crime but a crime committed due to the policies of Congress’s vote bank and appeasement. The government here is showing mercy to terrorists instead of taking action against them. Criminals are getting a free hand in Rajasthan. Women are not safe today.”

No need for farmers to worry
The PM said that farmers no longer need to worry. He mentioned that the farmers have received thousands of crores from the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi.

Talk of installing a double-engine
Modi said at the end of his address that this is the time for opportunities not only for India but also for Rajasthan. He said that there should not be a government in power that wastes these opportunities. He added, “For India to be in the top three economies, Rajasthan also needs to move forward.”