PM Modi praises Shah for his outstanding leadership on home minister’s birthday


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday greeted Home Minister Amit Shah on his 59th birthday, lauding his contributions to the government and the ruling BJP.

Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari, both Union ministers, sent him birthday greetings along with other prominent BJP members.

In a post on X, Modi said, “He (Shah) is passionate about India’s progress and ensuring a better quality of life for the poor. He has made a mark as an outstanding administrator, making notable contributions to enhancing India’s security apparatus and further developing the cooperatives sector.” Shah’s role in strengthening the BJP is laudatory, he said and wished, “may he be blessed with a long life and wonderful health.”

Shah’s exceptional commitment to the country, sincerity, and organizational prowess were praised by BJP president J P Nadda as an example for party members. Shah, the prime minister’s close confidant and minister of cooperation, has been instrumental in the BJP’s growth under Modi’s leadership. He was appointed the BJP’s national president in 2014 and led the party’s national expansion as its political influence increased noticeably in several states, laying the groundwork for the party’s return to the Centre of Government in 2019 with a larger majority.

Shah joined the second Modi administration as a Cabinet minister and played a key role in the ruling party keeping its promise to repeal Article 370, the law that granted Jammu and Kashmir special rights.