PM Modi applauds SC for providing vernacular language translations of decisions; CJI retorts with folded hands


PM Modi stressed the importance of mother tongue in his Independence Day speech and welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to publish rulings in regional languages. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday underlined the importance of regional languages during his Independence Day speech  from the ramparts of the Red Fort. The Supreme Court’s recent move to provide judgements in regional languages, according to the prime minister, has increased the value of the home tongue.

“I also acknowledge the Supreme Court. According to the Supreme Court, one’s mother tongue will be used for the substantive portions of decisions. The importance of the mother tongue is growing” according to PM Modi.

PM Modi applauded the Supreme Court for providing vernacular language translations of decisions; CJI Chandrachud retorted with folded hands. The Supreme Court will utilise artificial intelligence to translate decisions that are written in English into regional languages, according to recent announcements by Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud.

DY Chandrachud, the Chief Justice of India, who was a guest at the Independence Day celebration, accepted the prime minister’s comment with folded hands as other guests applauded. CJI Chandrachud has frequently emphasised the necessity of courts disseminating judgements in local languages. The Chief Justice of India stated in January that the Supreme Court’s decisions would be translated into four languages: Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, and Odia. She claimed that doing so would improve citizens’ access to justice.

“Translating Supreme Court rulings into regional languages is a key endeavour we recently embraced. Given that 99.9% of our inhabitants cannot understand English, the language we employ, especially in its legal form, we must recognise this, the CJI said.

Chandrachud emphasised the use of technology to help the courts reach out to citizens throughout India later, during a Mumbai event, when he stated that the “next step… is to provide translated copies of the Supreme Court judgements in every Indian language.”

After that, Prime Minister Modi praised the CJI profusely for the “laudatory” idea.

“At a recent event, Honourable Chief Justice of India Justice DY Chandrachud stressed the importance of pursuing the translation of Supreme Court decisions into regional languages. Using technology was another idea he put out. The prime minister tweeted a video of the CJI’s speech along with the statement, calling it “a laudatory idea that will help many people, especially young people.”