Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress government over the Laal Diary (Red Diary) in a rally in Baytu. The diary, whose four pages have been doing rounds on social media since Tuesday, remained the focal point of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech. The Prime Minister said, “These people (Congress) consider the Laal Diary fake. But now pages with their own words are coming out. The Laal Diary is speaking loud and clear.” He said that after reading the Red Diary, not a single Congressman should win in the elections. He urged the public and workers to ask Congress candidates two questions if they come asking for votes. He said, “The first question is what exactly is the matter with the Red Diary, and the second is whose diary is it.”

Meanwhile, talking about the recent seizures, PM Modi said, “Lockers in the state are opening, and looted wealth is coming to light. In addition to money, gold is also coming from Rajasthan. This gold is not made from potatoes.” Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister said, “If this happens, these people will go and say that we have made gold from potatoes. Therefore, action should be taken against those who have lockers and are involved in corruption. The first action should be taken by the people themselves. Press the lotus button in the elections in such a way that it is like giving them a noose.”

PM Modi: Gehlot Sahab is targeting me
The PM also targeted CM Ashok Gehlot. He said, “When Modi is conducting an inquiry, Gehlot Sahab is targeting me. No matter how many abuses they give, they will be punished. Those who have looted will have to return it, go to jail, and their account will be settled. Modi guarantees that what he says, he will do. After Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, even Rajasthan will be completely free from Congress. The real fun of cleaning is when Congress is cleared even from the polling booths. Congress has brought Rajasthan to the forefront in corruption cases. Even innocent girls are not safe here.” The Prime Minister added, “My mission is to free sisters from trouble.”

Free grain given to 80 crore people
The Prime Minister said, “No person in the country should sleep hungry, for this, the granary of grain has been opened. Free grains are given to 80 crore people. When Modi gave them free grain, they would give blessings. This virtue will also be yours because you voted for Modi in the Lok Sabha elections. This is the power of your one vote. Every poor person should get food, and you all should get virtue, so the free grain scheme has been extended for five more years.”

PM Modi: Paws have become habituated to hitting anywhere
Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said, “The claws of Congress go and loot who knows where. Referring to Jal Jeevan Mission, he said that they send money to provide tap connections to homes and Congress people also work to earn money in virtuous deeds like water. The paws have become habituated to hitting anywhere.” He said that wherever they go, they loot like this. Referring to the water-life mission, he said, “In Barmer-Jaisalmer, the work of the Jal Jeevan Mission did not happen, and the payment has also been made.”
We kill terrorists by entering their homes: Prime Minister

The PM said, “Riots are happening again and again in Rajasthan and a curfew is being imposed. People are being harmed due to this. Pro-terrorism slogans are being raised in Rajasthan. Wherever Congress comes, the courage of terrorists, bullies and rioters increases. The reason for this is the appeasement policy of Congress. When there was a Congress government at the Centre, there used to be terrorist attacks and these people used to go to foreign countries and say that we were attacked. These people used to ask for help from other countries.