PM has vision of women-led empowerment: Fadnavis


Participating in the iTV Network’s We Women Want Festival . Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has said the Prime Minister, Narnedra Modi, has been leading from the front to make Indian women empowered led by them. “Over the years, the BJP administration in India has placed a strong emphasis on women-led development. It is a component of PM Modi’s vision for the country where women are leading the way,” he said. The government’s attention is currently on increasing the number of women in the workforce, he added. “PM launched schemes to bring women into the mainstream economy.” “Maharashtra had many regressive laws that prohibited women from working shifts but permitted men to do so with additional incentives. According to Fadnavis, who spoke to the media, “Our government changed these laws to allow and make shifts at night safer for women.”
According to the deputy chief minister, Mumbai is the safest place for women, where they can go for walks even at one in the morning and Mumbai Police deserve credit for this.
Commenting on the success of Mudra loan, Fadnavis said, “The state of Maharashtra had the highest percentage of women getting Mudra loans. “Our government declared a 50% subsidy for women using public transportation and is taking numerous steps to empower women. I appreciate PM Modi’s collaboration with the provinces in creating women-centric programmes. “Recently, PM Modi unveiled a plan to build 50 hostels for working women in Maharashtra. According to Fadnavis, the State government would contribute 40% of the expense, with the Central government covering 60%.
In response to a question about his relationship with Uddhav Thackeray, the previous chief minister of Maharashtra, Fadnavis stated, “Uddhav Thackeray and I are not enemies. Despite our political differences, we still appreciate one another on a personal level.