PGIMER Director Reveals Cause of Fire and Safety Measures Post-Incident


In the aftermath of the fire incident that occurred at PGIMER Chandigarh on October 10, the institution’s director, Prof Vivek Lal, is shedding light on the situation. He attributes the incident to the negligence of the engineering department within PGIMER. It has come to light that a faulty 10 UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery was the cause of the fire, and it had been replaced just six months ago.

The engineering department employees who failed to promptly replace the faulty battery and UPS will face disciplinary actions. Additionally, it was revealed that this building had not obtained a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for fire safety.

PGIMER has made the decision to remove all UPS and batteries from the premises to prevent similar incidents in the future. A thorough in- spection of all UPS and batteries throughout PGIMER is currently underway. Any UPS or battery found to be defective will be promptly replaced. The relocation of these power supplies will be completed within three months.

Director Vivek Lal stated that the building in question at Nehru Hospital is nearly 70 years old and was constructed according to the regulations of that time. As a result, it did not obtain a Fire NOC. All newer buildings at PGIMER have obtained Fire NOCs to ensure safety. Due to its age, the fire quickly spread from the first floor to the fifth floor.

Following the incident, all patients were promptly shifted to the Nehru Extension. Most services have been resumed there. The canteen built for patients had been completely destroyed in the fire. Patient services are now being provided by the Welfare Canteen.

Some departments, such as the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, were relocated the next day, and the Gastroenterology Ward was also shifted. The Liver ICU has been shifted to the Emergency Ward for the time being.