Petrol Pump dealers’ protest continues, huge losses expected

Under the banner of the Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association, petrol pumps across the state will remain closed from 10 AM to 6 PM on Wednesday and Thursday. Meanwhile, the unavailability of petrol and diesel has caused inconvenience to vehicle drivers. However, the association now says that if the government ignores them, there will be an indefinite strike, and they hold the government responsible for it. According to sources, the loss to the Congress government in the state due to the closure of petrol pumps for two days is estimated to be around 40 crore rupees, making the indefinite strike a significant blow to the state government.
The Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association has announced the petrol pump strike. However, all petrol pump operators have been instructed to provide petrol and diesel without restriction to emergency category vehicles. This includes fire brigades, ambulances, and other emergency category vehicles.
Sunit Baghai, Protector of, the Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association said, “The government should heed our concerns. The high prices of petrol and diesel in Rajasthan are causing us to pay a heavy amount in taxes. Nearly 7500 petrol pumps across the state will remain closed from 6 AM. By keeping petrol pumps closed, we are warning the government. We have also appealed to consumers to support us in this revolutionary fight.”

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