Paragliding in Poonch, symbol of peace in border areas

Paragliding in Poonch, symbol of peace in border areas

The borders of Jammu and Kashmir, which used to always look like fire owing to frequent shelling from Pakistan, are now seeing prosperity. Paragliding experts are seen paragliding in the air in Ajot village of Gulpur, near the Line of Control in the border district of Poonch.
The Indian Army is busy protecting the country along the Line of Control and is making every possible effort to take these areas on the path of development. A new example of this is the border district. In the Gulpur village of Poncho, the Rajput Battalion, under the Poonch Brigade, organised paragliding on the 20th and 21st of this month for the purpose of promoting tourism. Abdul Majeed Kisana, a local while speaking to the Milap News Network, said, “At one time he was afraid to even go out of his house, he was always in danger. But now peace has returned to the borders after the efforts of the army. He said that now his children are happily going to school without any fear, and he and his family are also farming in their fields without any fear.”
The atmosphere of Gulpur village, which was once filled with smoke from heavy Pakistani shelling, now offers a symbol of peace in the form of paragliders. School students, social organizations, political activists, tourism department officials, and army officers were especially present to witness these ecstatic scenes.
A local man, Gulzar Ahmed, says that he had seen only Pakistani shelling in the air of this border village and had always spent his life in fear, but today, seeing paragliding in this air, he is delighted.