Palakkad Palate: A traditional recipe book


Palakkad is an easy-to-read cookbook put together beautifully.
The book illustrates everything elegantly, from design to each and every recipe. The book begins with a thorough introduction where Jayam (Amma) shares her story, also talking about the pristine landscapes & unique flavours of Kerala.
Jayam (Amma) has visibly added her motherly goodness and freshness in bringing the readers a homely experience. The simplicity of life, wholesomeness of Kerala, seen through food.
Jayalakshmi Ramdas, fondly known as Jayam (Amma), was born and brought up in Palakkad – a lush green region consisting of over 150 villages surrounded by a vast expanse of paddy fields. Known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Kerala’, Palakkad is one of the most fertile regions at the foothills of the expansive Western Ghats. However, what makes this region truly special is the traditional recipes that explode with exquisite flavours.