Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association Commends India’s Initiatives, Calls for Bilateral Legal Exchange

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The Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan has recently written to the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of India, Adish Aggarwala, commending the initiatives undertaken by India’s apex court.
Pakistan’s Supreme Bar Body commended initiatives by the Supreme Court of India such as e-filing, judgments in local languages, the development of e-courts, and various welfare schemes for lawyers.
In a letter dated on October 5, 2023, Muqtedir Akhtar Shabbir, Secretary, Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan (SCBAP) stated that the SCBAP would like to visit as well as invite SCBAI so as to acquaint themselves with the initiatives undertaken by the Supreme Court of India and to reciprocate by sharing our own experiences and practices.
SCBAP Secretary Shabbir stated, “We believe that fostering interactions between our legal communities can significantly contribute to improving bilateral relations between our countries.”
In the letter addressed to SCBAI president Adish Aggarwala, Pakistan’s Bar Body on behalf of Barrister Abid S Zuberi, President of the 25th Executive Committee of the SCBAP, extended wishes on his resounding victory as the President of the SCBAI.
The letter stated, “SCBAP commends the initiatives undertaken by the Supreme Court of India, such as E- filing, judgments in local languages, the development of E-Courts, and various welfare schemes for lawyers.”
Pakistan’s SCBA further stated, “Similar initiatives have also been introduced by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, including the availability of video link facilities, cause lists on our website, and numerous other measures aimed at enhancing the ease of access for lawyers.”
In a bid to enhance cordial ties with India, the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) has also invited a cricket team of lawyers, both men and women, from India to visit the neighbouring during October this year for a match in Pakistan followed by another in India.
The letter read, “During this visit, the exchange of views and experience will help both sides to understand the legal system of India and Pakistan. This initiative will increase our legal acumen and knowledge.”
Furthermore, it stated that the move will also strengthen the relationship between bar councils of both neighbouring countries.
The letter added, “It will also foster cooperation in the field of law and through such visits, we can collectively work to bring a harmonious environment between the two countries. Your visit will bring prosperity and progress between the legal fraternity of both countries.”
Earlier, Aggarwala, former Vice-Chairman of the Bar Council of India stated that the initiative is being taken to enhance the harmony and cordial relations between lawyers of both countries.
He stated, “We have received this invitation from the Pakistan Bar Council. It will be a good start as the relationship between both the countries improving positively and visiting each other’s countries, lawyers will gain experience and this will promote the brotherhood between both the countries.”
Aggarwala added, “For India and Pakistan, cricket is not just a game, it is a highly emotional issue and this proposed tournament will bring back special memories for both cricket-loving lawyers of both nations.”
He noted that the cricket matches between India and Pakistan have the potential to promote harmony and improve bilateral relations between the 2 countries.
He stated, “Cricket is an incredibly popular sport in both India and Pakistan, and matches between the two teams often generate significant excitement and enthusiasm among fans. Sports, including cricket, have the unique ability to transcend political boundaries and bring people together. When India and Pakistan play against each other, it provides an opportunity for fans from both sides to engage in healthy competition, enjoy the game, and appreciate each other’s skills and talent. It can create a shared experience that bridges the gap between the two nations.”